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xkcd comics has an json api to read meta data about one spesific comic/stripe. eg. to get json data I can use: https://xkcd.com/json.html https://xkcd.com/2173/info..json But it does not conta... eg. to get json data I can use: https://xkcd.com/json.html https://xkcd.com/2173/info..json But it does not conta.. xkcd API - SDKs. Entertainment Humor. xkcd is a webcomic consisting of non-sequential strips about math, language, programming, and the nature of reality in general. The site provides a RESTful API that uses JSON calls to retrieve files contain comic titles, URLs, post dates, transcripts, and other metadata Running the bot. Clone this repository and navigate to its directory. Create a file named praw.ini with its contents as: [explainbot] username: reddit username password: reddit password client_id: client id you got client_secret: client secret you got. Run python3 explainxkcdbot.py to start the bot

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  1. XKCD Explainer. A Browser add-on that adds a button to every XKCD comic that links to the corresponding page on explainxkcd.com. About. Do you ever find yourself puzzled by an obscure nerdy reference in an XKCD? Puzzle no more
  2. Explain XKCD Comic Bot. a guest . Aug 4th, 2012 . 65 #!/usr/bin/python. #coding: utf-8 This bot reads data from xkcd.com and creates the appropriate pages. This bot is designed specifically for explainxkcd.com. No changes are made if the pages already exist. Specific arguments:-test Don't actually make any changes-latest Create pages for the latest comic-all Create pages for all comics.
  3. Yes. You can get comics through the JSON interface, at URLs like http://xkcd.com/info..json (current comic) and http://xkcd.com/614/info..json (comic #614). How do I write xkcd? There's nothing in Strunk and White about this. For those of us pedantic enough to want a rule, here it is: The preferred form is xkcd, all lower-case. In formal contexts where a lowercase word shouldn't start a sentence, XKCD is an okay alternative. Xkcd is frowned upon
  4. explain xkcd Description. Explain xkcd is a wiki dedicated to explaining the webcomic xkcd. Go figure. Facebook. explainxkcd Twitter. @explainxkcd Server. cloudflare Adsense. pub-7040100948805002.
  5. xkcd.com is best viewed with Netscape Navigator 4.0 or below on a Pentium 3±1 emulated in Javascript on an Apple IIGS. at a screen resolution of 1024x1. Please enable your ad blockers, disable high-heat drying, and remove your device. from Airplane Mode and set it to Boat Mode
  6. xkcd 2445: Checkbox. It responds to WHO ARE YOU with SOJOURNER, which is probably a reference to the Mars rover of the same name. It also answers that in response to ham shorthand QRZ, with QRZ SOJOURNER. QTH (code for location) gives you QTH ARES VALLIS. I asked why and it said to study the red planet

xkcd.com is best viewed with Netscape Navigator 4.0 or below on a Pentium 3±1 emulated in Javascript on an Apple IIGS at a screen resolution of 1024x1. Please enable your ad blockers, disable high-heat drying, and remove your devic xkcd explainer is a Chrome extension that provides in-depth explanation of xkcd comics. The explanations are retrieved from the explain xkcd wiki (http://www.explainxkcd.com/). The explanation are taken as wikitext from a comic's respective explain wiki page (available at explainxkcd.com/[comic id]). The wikitext is then parsed into HTML, which is inserted into the xkcd page below the comic. An explanation button toggles the explanation, allowing for it to be nicely concealed until it is needed XKCD API tests. General smoke tests for the XKCD JSON API. This is a general example on how you can use CasperJS to help automate API tests and reduce manual effort This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License. This means you're free to copy and share these comics (but not to sell them). More details.

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  1. This is probably trivial to most people but if you'd prefer this bookmarklet to open explain xkcd in a new tab you can write it like this: javascript:(function(){ window.open('http://www.explainxkcd.com/wiki/index.php?title='+window.location.pathname.replace(/^\/|\/$/g, '')); })()
  2. Causation or Correlation: Explaining Hill Criteria using xkcd - Feb 20, 2017. This is an attempt to explain Hill's criteria using xkcd comics, both because it seemed fun, and also to motivate causal inference instructures to have some variety in which xkcd comic they include in lectures
  3. If you're looking to expand your skillset or explain a tough concept to non-API folks, you'll find that these hand-picked APIs are less intimidating than anything you've ever dealt with before. And if you're just along for the ride, we think you'll love this list anyway. 1. Jeannie. To kick things off, let's look at one of the more impressive APIs on this list: Jeannie. Jeannie is.
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  6. Writing Go CLIs With Just Enough Architecture Thursday, June 4, 2020. As someone who has written quite a few command line applications in Go, I was interested the other day when I saw Diving into Go by building a CLI application by Eryb on social media. In the post, the author describes writing a simple application to fetch comics from the XKCD API and display the results

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Explain XKCD To Me # mozilla # javascript # browsers # programming. Twitch.tv API - Get live stream data from paginated results. Aaron Goldsmith - Mar 29. Portfolio - Novo layout. Daniel Silveira - Mar 28. 7 Ways to Write Cleaner React Code Today. Reed Barger - Apr 6. Solution: Stamping The Sequence . seanpgallivan - Mar 31. Yechiel Kalmenson. He/Him/His I'm a Software Engineer and a. 1 Reactions to Time 2 Countdown to next update 3 Latest Frame (automatically updates) 4 Watch the frames 4.1 Viewing Programs 4.1.1 Geekwagon 4.1.2 Mscha's Viewer 4.1.3 The Book of Aubron 4.1.4 Time Drags On 4.1.5 mrob27's Replay Viewer 4.1.6 balthasar_s' Aftertime Viewer 4.1.7 Other Viewers 4.2 List of frames 4.3 Youtube Videos 4.4 Image Album 4.5 Ebook 5 Explain xkcd 6 IRC Channel for Time.

Direct image link: API. Title text: ACCESS LIMITS: Clients may maintain connections to the server for no more than 86,400 seconds per day. If you need additional time, you may contact IERS to file a request for up to one additional second. Don't get it? explain xkcd. Support the machine uprising! (Sincerely, xkcd_bot. This just makes an HTTP request to the XKCD API to obtain info about the newest comic, decoding the JSON and extracting the title and image URL. The interesting part is the call to the publish. Explain xkcd Linker / This extension adds to an xkcd comic page a link to the related explain xkcd page / dkbhfmlonpbdbejdombiphineceidep

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Everyone loves a good xkcd comic, right? We think so, so we've collected some of our favorites about computers and the web to give you a much-needed break from coding. YouTube. Wikileaks. With apologies to The Who. Ultimate Game. Typewriter. Supported Features. Success. Star Ratings. Perspective. Music DRM. Limerick. Let Go. Compiling. Excellent API documentation experiences stem from proper use of an OpenAPI or Swagger API description file. In this guide, we explain Swagger and OpenAPI, how to create an OpenAPI or Swagger description for an API, and how to use the OpenAPI Specification to yield documentation that's continuously up-to-date and automated

Simply Explained. November 27, 2017 Oliver Widder. Thanks to Tobias for the idea! (Edited. Thanks Heinz) 3 Comments. Minigeek. October 14, 2017 Oliver Widder. Comment. Just Happened. August 13, 2017 Oliver Widder. View fullsize. 2 Comments. Older Posts → You must select a collection to display. Add Connected Accounts. Powered by Squarespace. APIs are first-class products at eBay. We continue to add capabilities into our public API portfolio so third-party developers in our eBay Developers Program can create powerful experiences and manage their eBay business at scale. Our goal is to empower developers, enhance the ecosystem of eBay applications, and add value for our buyers and sellers. THANK YOU for an incredible 20 years of. We will provide you a report full of interesting stuff. But first, we need to know who this is for GitHub is where people build software. More than 56 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 100 million projects Explain xkcd is a wiki dedicated to explaining the webcomic xkcd. Go figure. 701: Science Valentine. Explain xkcd: It's 'cause you're dumb. Jump to: navigation, search |< < Prev; Comic #701 (February 12, 2010) Next > >| Science Valentine: Title text: You don't use science to show that you're right, you use science to become right. Explanation . Cueball is taking a scientific approach to. A.

r/xkcd: /r/xkcd is the subreddit for the popular webcomic xkcd by Randall Munroe. Come to discuss the comics and other work by Randall with other explain xkcd. Helping xkcd readers on mobile devices since 1336766715. Sincerely, xkcd_bot. <3 level 1. atomheartsmother-12 points · 1 hour ago 0 children. level 2. 16 points · 1 hour ago. Voting is a liberal conspiracy. The American dream is to. Direct image link: API. Mouseover text: ACCESS LIMITS: Clients may maintain connections to the server for no more than 86,400 seconds per day. If you need additional time, you may contact IERS to file a request for up to one additional second. Don't get it? explain xkcd. Honk if you like python. `import antigravity` Sincerely, xkcd_bot. <

An API wrapper for xkcd.com. Contribute to Kixiron/rusty_xkcd development by creating an account on GitHub Qwerty to Dvorak translator: Explaining XKCD 1787. - qwerty-to-dvorak.py. Skip to content. All gists Back to GitHub Sign in Sign up Sign in Sign up {{ message }} Instantly share code, notes, and snippets. Radcliffe / qwerty-to-dvorak.py. Last active Feb 28, 2019. Star 0 Fork 0; Star Code Revisions 2. Embed. What would you like to do? Embed Embed this gist in your website. Share Copy sharable. Can anyone explain to me the difference between ols in statsmodel.formula.api versus ols in statsmodel.api? Using the Advertising data from the ISLR text, I ran an ols using both, and got differen

The xkcd Python SDK by JacobLandau allows developers to integrate the xkcd API into their Python applications. Usage examples are included in the documentation Separating the API set from its implementation doesn't just slow down the availability of APIs. It also means that we need to map .NET Standard versions to their implementations . As someone who had to explain this table to many people over time, I've come to appreciate just how complicated this seemingly simple idea is Indeed not all xkcd's are even intended to be actually funny. Many do, however make important points in a way that's thought provoking, and at least sometimes they're amusing while doing that. (I personally find it funny, but I find it hard to clearly explain what, exactly, makes it funny to me. I think partly it's the recognition of the way that a doubtful, or even dubious result turns into a. The xkcd Python SDK by Ben Rosser allows developers to integrate the xkcd API into their Python applications. This SDK is offered under the MIT License Since you can only ask the XKCD API for the latest comic or a . Stack Overflow. About; Products For Teams; Stack Overflow And I don't use Übersicht — can you explain which step goes wrong in detail? (If you're not sure, you can break down the pipeline and test separately.) - 4ae1e1 Apr 24 '15 at 18:58. Add a comment | Your Answer Thanks for contributing an answer to Stack Overflow.

So far, Paul Hunkin's bot has bought him two sets of camera batteries, a gift bag, a USB extension cord, a 1955 stamped envelope and a smattering of other items. Hunkin, you see, decided to bring an XKCD cartoon to life by programming a bot that automatically purchases cheap items using a New Zealand auction site's Trade Me API... because packages are exciting XKCD is not memes Randall Munroe of 'XKCD' Explains the Human Body, Elevators and the Saturn 5. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt is collaborating with Mr. Munroe to incorporate parts of Thing Explainer into the. xkcd: volume 0 is the first book from the immensely popular webcomic with a passionate readership (just Google xkcd meetup). The artist selected personal and fan favorites from his first 600. Actually xkcd quite aptly puts it: Figure 1: Machine Learning explained by XKCD. This phenomenon is explained as Change Anything Changes Everything a.k.a. CAKE principle coined by Scully et. al in their NIPS 2015 paper titled Hidden Technical Debt in Machine Learning Systems. CAKE principle highlights that in ML - no input is ever really independent. What is reproducibility in ML. Popper.

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In my blog post, I will explain how to do that. Read More PetFindr PetFindr provides an R interface for the Petfinder.com API (V2). Once a user obtains an API key and secret from Petfinder, this package allows the user to retrieve information about animals by type, breed, location, and other useful characteristics. This package was developed in. This is an attempt to explain Hill's criteria using xkcd comics, both because it seemed fun, and also to motivate causal inference instructures to have some variety in which xkcd comic they include in lectures. comments. By Lucy D'Agostino McGowan, Vanderbilt University. This was inspired by Hilary Parker & Roger Peng's Not So Standard Deviations Episode 28, which can be found here. It was. Even though these explain how to handle unauthorized requests, these do not demonstrate clearly something like a LoginController or something like that to ask for user credentials and validate them. From here, we could split the problem in two: Authenticate users when consuming the Web API services within the same Web applicatio If I provide the same subscription and certificate to another user, then also API is accessed. Would you please explain how to avoid this scenario? Would you please guide me on how to provide machine-based certified access by Azure API management? c# azure azure-api-management. Share. Follow asked Apr 2 at 7:47. Ukstest Ukstest. 3 1 1 bronze badge. 1. 1. According to his doc you can see the. The xkcd Elixir SDK by Devin Clark allows developers to integrate the xkcd API into their Elixir applications. This SDK is available through the Hex package manager

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Inspired by XKCD and Password Hay Stacks | Powered by XKPasswd.pm This service is provided entirely for free and without ads, but the server is not free to run. Please consider making a small contribution towards those costs Transport Layer Security (TLS), and its now-deprecated predecessor, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), are cryptographic protocols designed to provide communications security over a computer network. Several versions of the protocols are widely used in applications such as email, instant messaging, and voice over IP, but its use as the Security layer in HTTPS remains the most publicly visible Netflix has a widespread architecture that has evolved from monolithic to SOA. It receives more than one billion calls every day, from more than 800 different types of devices, to its streaming-video API. Each API call then prompts around five additional calls to the backend service. Amazon has also migrated to microservices. They get countless calls from a variety of applications—including applications that manage the web service API as well as the website itself—which would have been.

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xkcd comics tiene una api json para leer metadatos sobre un cómic / banda específico. p.ej. para obtener datos json que puedo usar: https://xkcd.com/json.html. https://xkcd.com/2173/info..json. Pero no contiene la explicación del xkcd. Se puede encontrar en otra página Wow, so there are two blogs explaining xkcd and two xkcd hate blogs. That's what I call success. tptacek on Oct 29, 2009. I think (hope, actually) that you have the numbers in that sentence wrong. cema on Oct 29, 2009. This one explains it, but the one in the posting explains it (comments on it, humorously). Both can be enjoyed in their own ways. Well, now I do feel like I've just killed a.

A bird could, possibly, deliver a pizza to a house. Delivering it to an airliner is a lot harder. A 20-inch pizza weighs about 1.8 kg.[1]Citation: I just ordered a pizza to check. I usually steer clear of experimental science in these articles, but am willing to make an exception when it involves. Use a Schedule Recurrence trigger to specify what time and frequency we want our polling to run, then call HTTP as an action. Wait for a UI update that let us set up the recurrence trigger. Use FlowStudio to patch the JSON definition like a hacker The definition of scripting is disabled means that, amongst others, the following scripts will not execute: scripts in XMLHttpRequest's responseXML documents, scripts in DOMParser-created documents, scripts in documents created by XSLTProcessor's transformToDocument feature, and scripts that are first inserted by a script into a Document that was created using the createDocument() API

The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is an alphabetic system of phonetic notation based primarily on the Latin script.It was devised by the International Phonetic Association in the late 19th century as a standardized representation of speech sounds in written form. The IPA is used by lexicographers, foreign language students and teachers, linguists, speech-language pathologists. As per documentation: If this property needs to be accessible by a parent component and other sibling components, it needs to be @api enabled. This also means the value of the property is going to be listening for changes. To expose a public property, decorate it with @api. Public properties define the API for a component. An owner component. The problem is that good hand-drawn figures are hard - xkcd just makes it look easy. So awesome work! sherjilozair on Oct 2, 2012. I agree. I had once started off to make such an application. A virtual pen-and-paper, whiteboard-and-marker. Also, instead of using mouse pointer, one could draw on the touchpad. There is a subtle difference, but one that could make drawing less awkward. A similar. With proper TeamsID url you can just use one parameter and send any text to Microsoft Teams Channel. This text also accepts limited markdown so you can use bold, italics, underline just like you do in Markdown. You can extend this code by adding MessageTitle or Color

I just had a long conversation with a customer of mine, explaining how our API uses this pattern. He just wanted to consume the data, then get on with is life. After a while explaining how this was the restful way, he agreed, but then said but its not really out-of-the-box. That was a gentle way of explaining to me how this approach is flawed. Yes I will continue to push and support this way. xkcd. The blag of the webcomic Distraction Affliction Correction Extension . Posted by Randall 2011-02-18 210 Comments on Distraction Affliction Correction Extension. Lots of people have asked me for the system I used to implement the restriction in the alt-text of today's comic. At various times, I thought of doing it with an X modification, Firefox extension, a Chrome add-on, an irssi. webbrowser. Comes with Python and opens a browser to a specific page. Requests.Downloads files and web pages from the Internet. Beautiful Soup.Parses HTML, the format that web pages are written in Explain xkcd is a wiki dedicated to explaining the webcomic xkcd. Go figure. 1945: Scientific Paper Graph Quality. Explain xkcd: It's 'cause you're dumb. (Redirected from 1945) Jump to: navigation, search |< < Prev; Comic #1945 (January 22, 2018) Next > >| Scientific Paper Graph Quality : Title text: The worst are graphs with qualitative, vaguely-labeled axes and very little actual data

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I generated this using a Google API variable search tool developed by Eviltwin on #xkcd (I'm not linking to the tool so as to avoid potentially getting his API key revoked) Edit: He now offers the source and says it can be run without a key, and is happy to let people use it until Google does something. Not only is the API helpful in making these kinds of charts (which I spend more time. Developing standards, on the other hand, is so complicated that it has its own xkcd How Standards Proliferate comic. How are standards developed? Well, it's complicated. There are hundreds—perhaps thousands—of standards organizations around the world, and many of them are part of multiple larger standards organizations. And there's no one guidebook to rule them all, which is why we end up. The question is I want to explain to my non-techie friends what Heartbleed is. The OP wants a non-technical explanation for people who are not good with computers. In this case, you don't get that far by just explaining the concept. You need an analogy. And one of the best analogies I could create with the same scale and the same risk for affected users is using bank account data. I realize. Die aus seinen kurzen Comicstrips für XKCD heraus entstandenen Bücher What if und eben Thing Explainer sind internationale Bestseller

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The XKCD that you link is playing exactly on that. The character in the last panel has cut through the pumpkin several times, and suddenly there were two pumpkins. Just like in the Banach-Tarski paradox. And the narrator character points out that they shouldn't have used the axiom of choice to carve out a pumpkin Der Autor des Webcomics XKCD und der daraus hervorgegangenen Bücher What if? und Thing Explainer kann das angesichts seiner kreativen Leistungen aber nicht ernst meinen. Inhalt: XKCD-Autor.

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In the Bot endpoint address field, enter the ngrok URL, for example, https://287a4f4223bc.ngrok.io, where you're hosting the bot and append /api/messages to it: Your bot will be able to respond to messages in Teams, after you set up the endpoint correctly. 5. Build and run your ap Spaghetti code is a pejorative phrase for unstructured and difficult-to-maintain source code.Spaghetti code can be caused by several factors, such as volatile project requirements, lack of programming style rules, and software engineers with insufficient ability or experience @Michael security and sanity: If it searched in . first then it would be a security issue, you or someone else could replace ls for example (a simple virus/trojen: make a zip file with an executable named ls in it, as someone is searching through, they run this executable, that ) . If it searched in . last then you can spend a long time going crazy not knowing why your program is not.

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